Why proper footwear? A review of some interesting statistics will demonstrate why we want you to have proper footwear:

  • The average runner takes about 1,500 steps per mile. Each "collision" with the ground measures from three to five times the weight of the body. Thus, the average runner must tolerate and/or absorb at least 1,000,000 pounds of loading every mile.
  • Even an ideal gait involves a tremendous amount of rotating and twisting with every stride. Approximately 80% of runners will exceed ideal rotation because of a lack of inherent stability.
  • Approximately 98% of all running injuries are overload injuries caused by to much loading and/or too much twisting. Proper footwear reduces loading and eliminate over-twisting.
  • Workers spend over 50% of their day on their feet. Proper fitting shoes and/or inserts can make the difference between a happy worker and a grumpy worker.
  • Whether walking or running, proper footwear will help over 99% of the people moving.


Our FITLOSOPHY™ ensures that runners and walkers of all abilities (and ages) are FIT with the proper footwear. A proper FIT involves making sure that your footwear’s shape properly matches the shape of your feet, which includes understanding the heel, the mid-foot, the forefoot, and the toes.  A proper “ride” requires that the shoe compliments your foot’s gait and natural biomechanics such that you are maximally protected from overuse injuries.

At Fleet Feet Sports, our FIT experts are trained to give you personalized footwear recommendations based on different applications and different support needs. We offer the following types of shoes:

  • Neutral
  • Stability
  • Motion Control
  • Road Flats
  • Lightweight / Performance
  • Minimalist and Barefoot-like

 We love shoes, so let our FIT experts help you find the right FIT for your fitness needs.

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