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Six months ago, I couldn't run a mile . . . now I will be running my first marathon in just a couple weeks, thanks to Fleet Feet and its training group!  I joined Fleet Feet's training group not only because I needed a little push to get up and run everyday, but I also wanted to learn the basics of running. "Tracy the trainer," as I like to call her, has instilled in me the knowledge that professional runners have. I have learned things I never knew existed such as "good running form," nutrition preparation, proper hydration, and dealing with the mental ability to continue to put one foot in front of the other, even if I want to stop!  I highly value Tracy's many years of expertise and her dedication to see that each one of her runners succeed!  I never thought I would consider myself an athlete, but today, I am proud to call myself a "runner." --- Natasha


Last year, I joined Fleet Feet's Nike Women’s Marathon (NWM) Training Program. It was a blast! I ran with a wonderful group of women; and made a few friends along the way. I was inspired to push myself harder and go faster. I am proud that I finished the NWM's Half-Marathon in 2:34:13. I never thought that was even possible. I ROCKED! Thanks, Fleet Feet Gang, for your support and encouragement!  Keep running!

--- Jaruwan


I wanted to start running but I knew that I needed some guidance, plus I thought that if I could run with a group, I would be more inclined to get up on Saturday mornings, rain or shine, to do my training runs. I saw Fleet Feet's advertisement about training for the Nike Women's half- marathon; and although I was very nervous to think I could possibly run 13.1 miles, I took the plunge and nine months later, I have completed two 10Ks, two half-marathons and will run my first marathon in March 2012!  Training for the half marathons and now the marathon has been a real eye opener for me. Learning from Tracy's years of experience about pace, nutrition, hydration, and building mental reserve has been invaluable to me. I have confidence now that I have never had in 55 years. No longer do I think, “could I ever do that?”  Now I think, what's next, Ironman?   If you are looking for a proper fit in running shoes, have no fear, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Fleet Feet can hook you right up. After my first experience talking to Spencer, I knew that I had come to the right place for the right fit.  From the very beginning, each of the staff members has been attentive to my needs.  The staff is very personable; and you will never get lost in the shuffle like a much larger chain store often makes you feel. But what was truly amazing at Fleet Feet is that they are a small family-owned business -- and when you leave the store, you leave feeling like part of that family! Thank you Fleet Feet, for all your support in my pursuit in running and helping me find the best fitting running shoes!! You rock! --- Kim Ryan

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